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5 Day Meal Plan - $38.00 ($6.33 / lb.)

1lb Ground Chuck

2lbs Rump Roast

1lb Boneless Breast

1lb Sausage Grillers

1lb Pork or Beef BBQ

Variety Special - $49.00 ($5.45 / lb.)

2lbs Ground Chuck

1 1/2lb Sirloin Steak

2lbs Pork Chops

2lbs Chicken Legs

2lbs Breakfast Link Sausage

Family Special - $59.00 ($4.91 / lb.)

3lbs Ground Chuck

3lbs Boneless Breast

2lbs Beef Chip Steak

2lbs Chicken Wings

Chicken Sampler - $69.00 ($3.45 / lb.)

5lbs Ground Chicken

5lbs Boneless Chicken Breast

5lbs Chicken Legs

3lbs Chicken Wings

2lbs Chicken Chip Steak

Turkey Sampler - $69.00 ($3.64 / lb.)

5lbs Ground Turkey

5lbs Turkey Wings

5lbs Bone-in Turkey Breast

2lbs Turkey Bacon or Turkey Breakfast Link Sausage

2lbs Turkey Chops

Freezer Special - $75.00 ($6.25 / lb.)

4lbs Ground Chuck

3lbs Beef Roast

2lbs Pork Chops

2lbs T-Bone Steaks

1lb Sausage

Economy Freezer Special - $99.00 ($3.81 / lb.)

6lbs Ground Chuck

1lb Beef Cubes

2lbs Pork Chops

2lbs Sausage

2lbs Bacon

3lbs Chicken Wings

5lbs Chicken Legs

5lbs Bone-in Chicken Breasts

Freezer Special - $149.00 ($6.21 / lb.)

5lbs Ground Chuck

5lbs T-Bone Steaks

3lbs Pork Chops

1lb Beef Cubes

2lbs Sausage

5lbs Bone-in Chicken Breasts

Steak Lover's Special - $179.00 ($12.79 / lb)

3bs T-Bone Steaks

3lbs New York Strip Steaks

2lbs Filet

2lbs Delmonico Steaks

2lbs Bone-in Ribeye

2lbs Sirloin Steak

Freezer Special - $199.00 ($5.25 / lb.)

10lbs Sirloin Steaks

10lbs Pork Chops

10lbs Ground Chuck

8lbs Bone-in Chicken Breasts OR Rack of Ribs

Half A Pig - $249.00 (YOU SAVE $25!)

20 Center Cut Pork Chops

1 Ham - Cut or Whole

5lbs Bacon

15lbs Sausage Links

1 Pork Loin End Roast

4 Country Style Ribs

1 Rack Spare Ribs

Freezer Special - $299.00 (YOU SAVE $30!)

10lbs T-Bone Steaks

10lbs Beef Roast

10lbs Pork Chops

9lbs Ground Sirloin OR 12lbs Ground Chuck

5lbs Bone-In Chicken Breasts

Picnic Special - $89.00 ($1.78/ person!)

24 HB Patties

6lbs Jumbo Hot Dogs

10lbs Chicken Legs

5lbs Sausage Sweet or Hot Italian

(Serves approx. 50 people)

Also available for purchase:

Frontquarter - $569.00

Hindquarter - $649.00

Side of Beef - $1185.00